Saturday, November 26

Evaporated milk – uses and disadvantages

Evaporated milk in Dubai can also be referred to as condensed milk that is unsweetened, is basically a sort of milk that is concentrated. It a product of milk that is canned and is usually located in the departmental store’s baking alley.

Uses of evaporated milk

Evaporated milk is quite rich and has a creamy appearance and there is no extra sweetness in it even. Due to such factors, evaporated milk resourceful element for sweet dishes as well as salty dishes.

Evaporated milk is most widely used to make creams, flavorings, soups and enrichments that requires extra thickness and a reduced content of fat.

It is also most widely utilized in baking and making of desserts. As a matter of fact, certain recipes of desserts especially require evaporated milk, like for tres leches which is a very famous cake of Latin America.

The use of evaporated milk can also be found in tea as well as coffee. It can also be used a replacement for the cream that is heavy.

You can even drink the evaporated milk on your own or you can add it in the smoothies too. Evaporated milk can also be taken with the person’s cereal they like, most importantly, if a person is trying to increase their weight.

You should know that the evaporated milk has a bit of taste of caramel and the flavor is somewhat different than the milk of normal cow. Due to this reason, some people might not find the taste of evaporated milk undesirable.

Disadvantages of evaporated milk

Evaporated milk could be an issue for the people who have an intolerance for lactose or has an allergy with the milk of cow as it consist of extra lactose as well as proteins of milk in contrast with the normal milk.

Lactose is the primary kind of carb present in milk and in the products of dairy.

If any person has one of the issues or both then it is actually better for them that they don’t take evaporated milk at all otherwise the chances of allergies and issues can increase which is not good.

Some dairy manufacturers in UAE give the products of extremely good quality. So, you should find such dairy manufacturers and get dairy products from them only.