Tuesday, May 28

Things to consider before choosing canvas stretcher strips

Stretcher strips are made of metal, wood, or sometimes with a combination of both types of material. Many types of woods are used to make canvas stretches, such as pine and fir. Stretcher strips help to make arrangements for effectively stretching canvas. In recent days canvas stretching in Dubai is getting more popular. Therefore the stretcher strips are in full demand nowadays.

There are various things you have to consider before choosing stretcher strips for your new project.

Consider quality construction:

Mostly, stretcher strips look the same, but when you notice the stretcher closely, you will be able to make difference between every type of stretcher. Generally, prefabricated stretchers come in with interlocking corners that are easily available in the market. But some stretchers are built with miter joint, which helps to stick with corners. However, it is a good idea to choose glued and pinned corner stretchers rather than interlocking corners.

Consider design:

Most artists prefer stretcher bars that are slightly rounded as it helps the framer see the clear images of the frame that have specific borders. It also allows the framer to roll over the profile with a rounded stretcher, which protects your frame from canvas cracking. A rounded stretcher also reduces the external roughness and makes your draw more uniform.


One of the most important things that make stretcher bars more reliable and durable is the material. Therefore, consider the quality of the material when choosing stretching strips. Usually, stretcher strips are made of metal and wood, and sometimes with both combinations. The stretcher strips that are made of metal allow you to increase your length without hurdles. On the other hand stretcher strip with wood, the material does not allow you to make changes.

Identify your purpose:

There are so many uses of stretcher strips, such as

  • Photography
  • Paintings
  • Home print projects
  • For theatre (material backdrops)
  • Embroidery

The types of stretcher strips will depend on your project. Therefore, it is essential to identify your purpose before choosing stretcher strips.

Consider cost:

One of the key factors that you should consider before choosing stretcher strips is cost. If you are looking to buy a stretcher bar for your artwork, then consider high-quality stretcher bars. It doesn’t matter how much they are expensive. But if you have some temporary work, you may choose to cut your cost. Visit to purchase quality photo frames.