Saturday, July 13

How to Avoid Car Repair Rip Offs

Among the many complaints filed throughout the globe, anything to do with automobiles rank highest. These complaints include buying a car, leasing a car, problems with towing companies, false advertising and leasing problems. Car repairs also remain a significant but an entirely manageable problem if you know how to tackle it. Let’s read some important points below or click to read more here.

  1. Find a good mechanic

A reliable garage and a good mechanic are all out there. Search on the internet, ask your family or friends or look for advertisements and physically visit them. Also check out online for local reviews and ask people who have experience with the shop.

  • Review shop licenses

Auto repair shops must be licensed by the state, work according to local laws and have technicians holding Automotive Service Excellence certification too. It is recommended to seek out shops that are experienced working with your car type.

  • Obtain shop rates

Most shops have common rates that are published prominently in keeping with state law. Some garages may give you a published estimate for repairs, offer packages and have a list of price rates for different parts. Investigate if the shop uses original equipment parts, manufacturer parts, or third-party parts.

  • Shop around and compare

There are similar estimates for minor repairs including oil changes and transmission flushes costing almost the same wherever you go. Costly repairs such as replacing cylinder heads, fixing a transmission or installing a new exhaust system may though vary greatly. It is advisable to get at least three estimates for comparison before making your decision.

  • Get your repair bill

Always review the repair bill to see what you were charged for each part, for labor and for disposal; add these costs, include taxes and if there is a discrepancy, let the shop owner know. Many shops provide the old parts for your examination so that you can be satisfied that they are doing the right thing.

You can circumvent car repair rip offs if you are informed, proactive and have your homework done before working with a particular garage.

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